CGV’s Techno-Commercial Advisory provides a comprehensive review of the project and its commercial and operational viability. It will involve an analysis of the techno-commercial feasibility, due diligence (including verification of the authenticity and completeness of all documentation and assessments), and a comprehensive legal and regulatory review (including an assessment of risks and costs).

Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) Study

A pioneer in due diligence

The specifics and technicalities along with the market influence need to be acknowledged. Due diligence provides insights into the costs and risks inherent in the scenario.

CIA-GLOCAL VENTURE LLP provides comprehensive services concerning techno-commercial diligence. In a nutshell, we deliver a 360-degree review that helps you understand the crux to make your decision to secure your transaction.

  • Cognizance of all attributes of infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects.
  • Team of experts well-endowed with conducting studies, capable to decompose large portfolios efficiently and expeditiously.
  • Spelling out all the related risks and providing reliable response strategies.
  • Technical and added commercial understanding of the endeavour, to deliver reports that exceed expectations

Why CGV?

With years of experience in performing a cost-benefit analysis on anticipated transactions leading to genuine decisions by clients, CGV has cultivated trust as our professional recommendations help in successfully improving productivity related to technical and non-technical issues.

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Lender’s engineer (LE)

The lender’s engineer (LE) represents the lending institutions such as banks, NBFCs, and financial institutions for projects. The LE audits the project from a technical standpoint when a developer is seeking funds for it. LE is also responsible to analyze whether the capital is being utilized in the right direction and provide unbiased reviews on the project status.

CIA-GLOCAL VENTURE LLP understands the intention behind this requirement and has been identifying, mitigating, and hedging the lending institution’s risks concerning all the technical aspects of the project.

Why CGV?

CGV comprehends and aims to safeguard the interests of all lenders while providing detailed reviews with precise information and reviewing all construction and other risks to various Banks, and Financial Institutions on very reputed projects. Our team is backed by sound technical knowledge bringing tangibility and essence that goes beyond the stamp of approval to the developer’s table.

Construction site background. Hoisting cranes and new multi-storey buildings. tower crane and unfinished high-rise building. many cranes. construction of a new district of the city

We take care of all project activities such as

  1. Post bid – Pre-Award Assistance, Handling Key Queries
  2. Post-award setting up & methodology formulation within costs
  3. Engineering & procurement support for equipment, bulk, and construction contracts
  4. Field engineering support/Quality control & Inspection
  5. Project control/Material Management & Expediting
  6. Project contract (FIDIC) Management, QHSE Compliances
  7. Carrying out feasibility studies
  8. Quality management
  9. Risk assessment
  10. Monitoring and control
  11. Cost management

Project Management Consultancy (PMC)

CGV can offer turnkey project management consulting for unique and challenging projects. We support our clients with our PMC services at every step.

  • Initial Economic & Feasibility Study
  • Project Planning & Methodology Assessment
  • Quantity & Cost Assessment
  • Quality Assessment
  • Contractual Variation & Correspondence Review

Contract Management

Companies one or the other time get flooded with contracts leading to administrative and regulatory hurdles in tracking and complying with them. Handling those contracts needs a team of experts who can review, summarize, and find out key contract terms. CIA-GLOCAL VENTURE LLP provides accurate, effective, and reliable contract management solutions to enable clients to make ethical decisions.

Organizations need to establish an effective contract management framework based on the principles of transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement to meet emerging requirements. CGV’s contract management practice provides risk assessment, contract review, and industry knowledge to help you mitigate the contract management risks exercising maximum operational benefits in the future.

CGV’s portfolio of services under this includes:

  • Identifying contractual/ Concession Risks and providing a solution to mitigate the risks
  • Advising on Resolution of Contractual Disputes & Arbitration
  • Validation of contract claims and the probability of realization
  • Updating Contract Strategy and adopting international changes
Construction site background. Hoisting cranes and new multi-storey buildings. tower crane and unfinished high-rise building. many cranes. construction of a new district of the city