The way an enterprise functions and carries out its activities impacts the business and the bottom line. Aligning the business strategy and goals with processes, technology, and data can optimize the operations and improve the efficiency of your organization.

CIA-GLOCAL VENTURE LLP can assist in streamlining your business verticals for output-oriented results.

What we can do for you?

CGV will help you make the quantum leap that will lead to a highly motivated and productive workforce along with streamlined processes, cost savings will drive your organization towards innovations and excellence. 

Our experts will identify the areas of improvement, suggest actionable solutions and management strategies, and assist you in effectively adopting the change. The experts put forth these transformational insights obtained from their years of exposure to many industries and productive relationships with numerous organizations across the country.

Management Consultancy

We provide services in

  1.       Marketing strategy formulation
  2.       Organisation restructuring
  3.       Diversification & Segmentation
  4.       Business transformation & Turn-around Advisory
  5.       % CEO support for cost-effective and Impacting solutions
  6.       Organisation study 
  7.       Risk/Opportunity assessment & response planning

Techno-Financial Diligence

CGV provides financial diligence, enterprise valuation, and financial advisory services to improve your technical accounting function for helping you achieve your business goals.

Our financial team helps businesses by conducting

  1. Financial diligence
  2. Valuations
  3. Offering advice on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, recapitalization, and reorganizations.