The lender’s engineer (LE) represents the lending institutions such as banks, NBFCs, and financial planners for projects. The LE audits the project from a technical standpoint when a developer is seeking funds for it. LE is also responsible to analyze whether the capital is being utilized in the right direction and provide unbiased reviews on the project status. CIA-GLOCAL VENTURE LLP understands the intention behind this requirement and has been identifying, mitigating, and hedging the lending institution’s risks with regards to all the technical aspects of the project.

CGV comprehends and aims to safeguard the interests of all lenders have and has provided detailed review with precise information and reviewed all the construction and other risks to various Banks, and Financial Institutions on very reputed projects. Our team is backed by sound technical knowledge and bring tangible and essence that goes beyond the stamp of approval to the developer’s table.

As a pioneer in providing lender’s independent engineer service, CGV aims to provide end-to-end solutions to lending institutions and project managers. From understanding the requirements, developing concepts, and delivering initial economic and feasibility studies through to defining and implementing the design, construction, monitoring, commissioning, handover, and operation, we support our clients with our Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services at every step.

We provide cost-effective and the desired results from project initiation to project closure with our Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services. CGV has the capability to offer turnkey project management consulting for unique and challenging projects. We take care of all project activities such as carrying out the feasibility study, quality management, risk assessment, monitoring and control, and cost management.