• CGV intends to bring in its Domain Expertise of Infrastructure / Real Estate / Construction for use of both the organizations in the sector for Banks/ PE as both are interwoven and get impacted with poor judgments as lack sector specific competency or over optimism about surety of results.
  • The potential to Turn Around or Transform Business is the key in today’s scenario where CGV stands a great chance of creating a niche for itself with it’s insights of industry and commercial & legal knowledge acquired.
  • CGV’s experience & understanding of Item rate/EPC/PPP contracting models along with hands on execution capability of its Leaders from contracting site makes it lucrative for both companies & banks/PE to trust the solutions and improvement possibilities.
  • Advanced monitoring practices, importance of reducing capital expenditure, Inventory minimization , resource efficiency, productive use and understanding of cash-flows add value to CGV’s suggestions which are oriented to correct the core, in place of drastic changes.
  • Stressed accounts & NPAs which could be revived is the key interest of CGV’s expertise for Banks and also a platform to correct prevalent infra practices to be brought at par on global standards of Ethics, deliverables and quality with sustainability.