International business has diverse challenge due to global slowdown( particularly Europe except Germany), instability in few countries in Middle East , Africa  & Eastern block particularly oil producing countries are adding to inflation  due to instable oil pricing.

Developing countries like India & Brazil after initial flair are now seeing the declining GDP due to lack of basics viz. sustainable market to accommodate growth, shortage of skill, corruption across governance, currency volatility, lack of encouragement for new businesses and inviting Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) due to tax laws & poor governance as well as failure to create business environment and fast track execution of infrastructure projects.

Indian industries are better geared up to grow in spite of adverse global & local cues but we at CIA-GLOCAL reckon need of business transparency, ethics, lesser dependence on banks to finance and better risk study, focus on industry specific skill development as the prominent aspects , which invite far deeper introspection when debt severity is burdening industry and banks alike to keep growing.

CIA-GLOCAL is expected to find a niche towards strengthening managements across by working along with them, to improve risk perception, improve bandwidth to tackle business, encourage limiting aspiration to be competitive without developing desired efficiency to produce and focus on skill development along with creating value for investors by productive use of capital.

CIA-GLOCAL look to work closely with Indian government for implementing corporate governance & implementing skill development programs to support production & Infrastructure  segment expected to get a boost in new regime.

We also intend to work closely with investors to see that investments are used efficiently.

USA , Saudi Arab, Qatar ,Russia and few Latin American countries have grown better with  China is showing sign of improvement in service & production sectors adding optimism to business world.

We see a huge potential to focus on few countries in Middle East with strategic local partnership in implementing labor reforms with better compliance for global environmental & safety standards.