Companies one or the other time gets flooded with contracts and experience administrative and regulatory hurdles in tracking and complying with them. Handling those contracts needs a team of experts who can review, summarize, and find out key contract terms. CIA-GLOCAL VENTURE LLP provides accurate, effective, and reliable contract management solutions to enable clients to make ethical decisions.

Organizations need to establish an effective contract management framework based on the principles of transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement to meet emerging requirements. CGV’s contract management practice provides risk assessment, contract review, and industry knowledge to help you mitigate the contract management risks to exercise maximum operational benefits in the future.

CGV’s portfolio of services under contract management includes:

  • Identifying contractual/ Concession Risks and providing a solution to mitigate the risks
  • Advising on Resolution of Contractual Disputes & Arbitration
  • Validation of contract claims and the probability of realization
  • Updating Contract Strategy and adopting international changes